Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Am Not an Artist

I just got my most recent issue of Eye Magazine and it happens that this is the Typography Special so I'll be posting some images from the magazine. This is actually an ad for Elisava which is (I think) a design school in Barcelona. If you go to you can see some funny little looping animations by designers. I like the dynamic, creative way they've used typography. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 2 Research

For my project 2 brochure, I'm redesigning the brochures I use in my private practice. The two main forms are the Privacy Notice (which I'm required to provide by federal law) and the Psychological Services Agreement. The latter is not required by law but outlines information about my services so the client has clear, written information about what to expect (e.g., if they cancel an appointment, if they have a mental health emergency, etc.). 
     For my research, I edited the text down because it was pretty wordy and I tried to find examples of similar brochures. It's hard to make this stuff interesting so I'd like to at least try to make it easier to read!
     Most of them are in tri-fold format. Many have images that seem a little hokey to me (a stack of papers with a padlock on them, one person whispering to another, etc.). I don't want to use human images because it's too difficult to be inclusive. We have some posters in our office that have the Doors of ... (can't remember where the doors are from but I'm sure you've seen these). I thought it would be interesting to have images of locks or locked doors to represent security and privacy. 

Here are some relevant examples I found:


Sunday, April 4, 2010

How About This One?

Here's another font I found here that's difficult to read -- even harder that the previous one I posted! Can you tell what it says? Don't get me wrong...I love it when people push the envelope. I like working to figure out a visual concept. 

Can You Read This?

Found this poster here and found it really hard to read. Can you tell what it says? It seems like there's a very fine line between being interesting and new and going over the top. I think this one crosses the line because it takes too much work to figure out.The site where it's located is called and it's a place for "creative portfolios, projects and collaborations." Fun to look through.