Friday, May 7, 2010

Someone went into Google Earth and put together an alphabet from landscape features...very inventive! The designer is Rhett Dashwood. cuuuuuute is a funny website to look at. It challenges the idea that we need to have rigid rules to make good design. This cat is a great example of typography as art and message. The designer does some other interesting things with type. Nice website...


This is a font created by Craig Ward whose poster I describe in the previous post. 

About this typeface he designed, he says:
My final Fontlab Photofont (so far) was Bodinky and was inspired by some classic fashion illustrations I found in Vogue. I traced over the typeface Bodoni with a fountain pen and dripped water onto the letters, creating splashes of ink and color where the ink ran. This was a poster I created using the typeface.


I'm having trouble coming up with a lot to say about these examples of typography in use. This poster seems self-explanatory. I guess that might be a good criterion in terms of what good typography does. No one needs to explain it!! Its so great how the designer demonstrated the statement about good typography with his treatment of it. Designed by Craig Ward for Buck's New University in England.

Here's what he said about the design:
Before a series of typography workshops I was to conduct for second-year design students at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, I created this poster to drum up student interest. It was created using 3D wooden letters and photographed using a combination of natural and studio light. The rest of the type was overlaid afterwards, digitally.

Kinda Gross but Cool Typographic Treatment!!

From what I can gather this poster was done by a student in a typography class. I just think it's very funny and unexpected even though I don't feel this way about typography.

Israeli Posters

I really like the way this designer created the letter G to send the message, I presume, about Russian oppression of Jewish people. This poster is part of a collection owned by a graphic designer. You can see more posters here. Unfortunately, there isn't any history about the poster on his website so I can't offer much more information.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Am Not an Artist

I just got my most recent issue of Eye Magazine and it happens that this is the Typography Special so I'll be posting some images from the magazine. This is actually an ad for Elisava which is (I think) a design school in Barcelona. If you go to you can see some funny little looping animations by designers. I like the dynamic, creative way they've used typography.