Monday, March 16, 2009

Figure Drawing (and Quartering?)

I haven't had much practice and don't have much skill at drawing the human figure so I've been looking at various approaches to learning how to do so. In Figure Drawing Without a Model by Ron Tiner, I found this exercise.

Kind of strange but it looked fun so I thought I'd try it.
Reminded me of losing myself in painstakingly cutting out paper dolls and their clothes when I was a child. I didn't decapitate and dismember my paper dolls as a general rule but now that I've done this, I see what I was missing. I'm not sure I actually learned what the exercise intended to teach but some of the images are a bit...



  1. What an interesting exercise! I like seeing images of your "sketch" book. Thanks for inviting me to read your blog.

  2. This is a very interesting exercise. My thought would be that the intended purpose is to learn and accurately represent 2D or 3D on cut away images known to be multidimensional (the human body). Interesting work.