Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Story Shop Brief

To:           Story Project Committee
From:       Lori Davis
Date:        February 3, 2010
Project:    Story Project Book

Story Shop is a program sponsored by Parkland College. Seventh and eigth grade students submit 1500 word/5 page stories for review. Every author receives written comments and 20 stories are chosen based on quality of creativity, uniqueness, voice, character development, and consistency to be featured in a published book.

This is the third year the Story Shop Committee has enlisted the help of Graphic Design students to design the cover and body of the final compilation of stories. This year, the Typography II class has been invited to submit book design options.

The overall message of the design will be an energetic invitation to look inside to see the unique voices of young storytellers.

Target Audience
There are several target audiences in this project:
Authors of the stories
Book store shoppers
School administrators
Parkland administrators (as funding body)

Design Objectives
We will enlist principles of unity, emphasis, balance, rhythm, depth and color to convey energy, creativity, and movement.  We want the design to be warm, playful, timeless and fresh. The color pallette will be bold and we will consider including the green used in the two previous designs in order to create an element of unity across publication years. Our designs will be unique in their

Parts of the design already determined are:
Logo design (color can vary)
ISBN number
Order of stories
Book dimensions
Year and Story Shop logo on spine

The intended response depends on the audience. For kids, we'd like them to feel that their work has been taken seriously and that they're treated with respect. For parents, we want a more sophisticated, mature design. For librarians and book store shoppers we want the book to tempt them to take the book off the shelf and see what's inside. Once they look inside, we want them to stay engaged by the subtle interest of the design. Overall, the intent of the design is to feature the stories and not to distract from them.

The committee will choose cover design and body design separately. The book will be 5.5” high X 4.25” wide. Number of pages will depend on number of stories and body design. The cover can use a 4-color printing process. Internal pages will use one color only. The logo will remain the same although the color may vary.

February 5, 2010              Stories are due to Committee by authors
March 1, 2010                  Electronic copies of stories will be provided by Committee
                                        Present design ideas to the Committee on or before this date
March 19, 2010                Provide print-ready file to the Committee

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