Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've heard of an art exercise called 100 Demons where the artist creates...well...100 Demons! I started with my worst demon: shame. This sketch is based on a picture of a magnified cancer cell (breast cancer, I believe). To me, shame is like a cancer that's insidious and difficult to get rid of -- all those tentacles reaching out to take over and kill the healthy stuff. I'd like to stylize this more so it really looks like a demon -- kind of make it funny or over the top as a way of mastering it! The design principles at work here are repetition (the tentacles repeat within the main cell and are also repeated at the edges of the page) and movement (the tentacles lead the eye back to the sphere of the cell again and again; the diagonals and the hashmarks of the shadow - yup - that's a shadow - also create a sense of movement). I'm not quite sure how to apply the containment idea but I might say that the white space around the cell provides containment for the image of the cell (??).


  1. That cancer cell is a very good sketch. I haven't ever seen that before in an image to compare to. But what you have sketched is shaped well and very realistic looking.

  2. it has been a while since you have shared. thank you. i think that i will visit as often as possible.