Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beached the Cornfields

I'm in Alexandria, VA now. Spending time with my nephew this afternoon.

He was nice enough to get me at Dulles in DC when he thought he was going to get me at Reagan Int'l which is closer to my sister's house. I thought for sure I'd booked a flight to Reagan...woops. Oh, well, he was nice enough to come get me and we've had a good time together.

On the drive to Indy to catch my flight, I saw three huge trucks stopped by the side of the highway, each carrying a huge wind turbine blade. My sketch:

I have no idea why but I love these things. Maybe it's their sheer enormity. They looked kind of like beached whales. A little sad, actually. So clean and bright and peaceful in a weird way. Knowing that they're going somewhere to generate "clean" power makes me like them even more. I haven't been to the wind farm in Bloomington but I really want to get over there. I drove past a wind farm once and it looked kind of futuristic and ghostly. So cool! I'd love to just sit there for a while -- I've heard the blades make this big "whooshing" sound. So different from all the other engines we hear all the time. I wonder if anyone's written/illustrated a children's book following the blade from where it's built to where it gets put together. I think that could really work. Cool AND educational.

Art opening this evening. Should be fun! More sketches later.

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