Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost There

I'm going a little nuts trying to get all my graphic design projects done. What was that Paul said about not waiting until the last minute? Oh, yeah....

Even though it's a little stressful, I'm still enjoying every project. I just didn't know I'd be enjoying each project for 12 hours straight. I'm taking a break from working and wanted to post a little design I made using a "pattern brush." I did a tutorial on how to make new brushes in one of the computer applications and this was my practice. Wish I would've left out those big black circles on the corners. Really distracting. Now that I've said that, you'll be distracted by them too, huh?

I'm sad to see this class end because I've liked it so much. I've appreciated how friendly everyone's been and that we've supported each other. Next semester, I'm taking a drawing class - I know, you probably think I don't need it. Ha, ha, ha! I'm also taking The History of Graphic Design. Both will be great but neither will involve any of this technical/software stuff I've been learning. I hope my tired little brain cells manage to hold onto some of it. I really think (and hope) I've found a second calling.

Back to work for me, I guess.

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