Thursday, August 27, 2009

Typography Image - GDS110

This Sierra Magazine cover really caught my eye. I like the design because the lettering really fits the content. This cover is accessible and inviting - the kid in me wants to see more. It's witty, bold and playful with lots of energy. Makes me want to have an organic food fight, ride a free range bike, and wear gnarly baubles. How hip would that be?!

Some of the font is serif and some sans - the mix works really well here. It's like several different people wrote on the chalkboard. The content is both informational and identity related. The only things that remain constant across issues are the title, the menu right above it (topics separated by vertical lines), and the tagline below.

Sierra often has a wide variety of covers that closely reflect the content of the particular issue. They also seem to go for a youthful, hip image. It was also pretty neat to see that they make a commitment to bring more cultural diversity and activism into environmentalism. They have a list of initiatives on the Sierra website.

The info about the cover provided by the magazine led me to the designer's web page. His name is Nate Williams and he hand-lettered this design. His site is amazing so check it out! He has a section called "letter playground" where he explores letter forms.

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