Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drawing's Hard

Well, I'm in Providence, RI and will not be in GDS 108 next week. My daughter is going through orientation for college (she's going to Johnson & Wales to become a pastry chef) which is what brings me here. After orientation is done, we'll go to Cape Cod for a few days and then to Boston for a few days to visit with a good friend. I figured that I'd sketch throughout the trip and post the sketches (and other things) on this blog. I'm really going to miss you guys in Graphic Design class because I've really been enjoying it and think it's a great group! I know you'll miss me too, because all the times I don't know things make you look better.

So...we drove to Indy yesterday and then flew to Charlotte, NC and then flew to Providence, RI. Here are a couple of pages of sketches. My scanner was a little cumbersome to travel with so I'm taking photos and then uploading them -- that's why they're kinda fuzzy. Plus, I'm too exhausted right now to work very hard at getting them clearer. I'm not proud of the sketches. I can't wait to take the drawing class in the fall. Think I need it? Naaahhhhhh....

It rained some as we were driving to Indy and I noticed the shape of the raindrops and how the rain gathers in streams in certain places. I'm not doing it on purpose but my drawings really look like cartoons. Well, I guess I'm kinda doing it on purpose because I know I can't draw realistically! Of course, I had to sketch the very unhappy looking flight attendant demonstrating how to buckle a seat belt. I'd be unhappy too if I had to repeat such idiotic instructions several times a day while everyone ignored me. I always try to smile and nod and look interested just so they feel like at least one person was paying attention.

Perspective! Phew...Looks like this woman's seat is going to take off all on its own! She's practically levitating. I'm trying to get over my fears of drawing poorly so I figured if I put these very-less-than-perfect sketches out there for the world to see, I'll get used to everyone knowing I'm learning and I won't care so much.

I also wanted to share some photos of the "branding" done by the hotel I'm staying in. It's called Nylo and is probably one of the coolest places I've ever stayed. I thought they may have a "how hip are you" quiz before they would let me stay here. It's very mod and environmentally conscious. I thought GDS108 students would be interested in these:

Given what we've been talking about in class, I've really been noticing these things. It just seemed neat to me that these designers picked four letter words to work with the concept (the bag that says hair holds a hair dryer, not a bag to place your hair in when you shed. That would just be gross). There are a few four letter words that didn't show up (no, they did not have a wrapper designed for the toilet paper and no, they did not have a wrapper designed for the complimentary condom they left on the pillow).

I'm actually mixed about the design because I find it hard to read - my eyes are trying to figure out where to look and in what direction. A little bit of knowledge is dangerous. I'm looking at every visual composition critically now! Where's the emphasis? Where's the movement? Is it balanced? Is it unified? Does it have any rhythm? depth? What would you do to make this design better (if anything)?

That's it for today. One more day in Providence and then to the beach! More sketches to come...

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