Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just Sketches

Ok. I know I'm wordy a lot of the time and always trying to process everything and read meaning into everything. And, no, you wouldn't be the first person to tease me about it., I just sketched things I
saw without analyzing anything. I was driving home this afternoon and was behind a man and woman riding a motorcycle. He was driving and she was riding. I just thought it was an interesting perspective because all I could see from behind was her! I thought it would be a challenge to try to draw what I saw. I even tried to take a reference picture with my cell phone, frantically dumping the contents of my cavernous purse onto the passenger seat since my phone had disappeared into it. I only just now uploaded it. Looks like it would have helped as a reference. They looked a lot smaller on my cell phone! Duh. Too late now for this sketch, I guess.

I just played around with the shapes a little. As you might notice, she wasn't headless. I just seem to have trouble when I start a sketch, not really having a sense of how much space I'm going to need so I often seem to draw right off the page.

Later this evening, I spent some time sketching a vase that was a gift from a very close friend, Molly. I've always liked the curvy shape and interesting shadows (of the vase, not Molly, although she is quite attractive). I need to learn to be more bold with the pencil. My sketch makes the vase look pretty timid but the vase itself is actually very self-assured.

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